Roasted Spanish Piquillo Peppers, D.O.P

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Roasted Piquillo peppers are made of naturally grown Spanish piquillo peppers, a sweet and tangy flavour.


Its high quality and very special flavor distinguishes it from other peppers. Piquillos have a sweet taste and piquant smoky flavour.

Product features

  • Natural Piquillo Peppers Roasted and imported from Spain.
  • Sweet and tangy flavour.
  • Contains high level of vitamins and low calories.
  • 290 grams per pack.

Enjoy with...

Matches excellently with pan fried chorizo, or served in strips with anchovies or boquerones.

Did you know...

Lodosa Piquillo Peppers are peeled and packaged by hand one by one.

About the producer...

This pepper is certified by the “Denominación de Origen” from Lodosa Piquillo Pepper. It comes under the categories Extra and First Variety "piquillo" cultivated and processed exclusively in the eight municipalities protected under the Regulations.

Piquillo peppers are naturally grown in Spain and are hand-picked by farmers, roasted over fire, peeled and packed within their own juices.

Product Health Benefits

  • Piquillo peppers are high in vitamin A, B complex, C, E.
  • Also contain the same amount of carotene as carrots
  • Low in calories.
IngredientsPiquillo peppers, salt, (E330)

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