Extra White Round Rice D.O. Valencia, 5Kg Plastic Bag

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Grown in the heart of the famous Albuferanatural park in Sollana, Valencia, this gluten free Paella Rice comes in 5kg bag, which is the ideal size for caterers and restaurants. This paella rice has a property to increase significantly in size, upon cooking, absorbing all the flavours and aromas of the broth. It remains very firm-grained during cooking, making it perfect for paella or Spanish rice meals. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Our Short Round Rice has D.O. status (Denomination of Origin) which is a prestigious product classification which is awarded to food products that are produced in designated regions according to stringent production criteria. Therefore, to ensure the utmost quality and provenance each bag of our rice is individually numbered with D.O. label.


  • Extra White Round Rice D.O. Valencia
  • Doubles its size when cooked
  • Grown in the Albuferanatural park, Valencia
  • 5Kg Plastic Bag

Gluten FreeYES
Storage & CareStore in a cool dry place, away from direct light.