Smoked Sweet Paprika De La Vera D.O.P., 500g Bag

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Smoked Sweet Paprika made from naturally grown and handpicked paprika peppers in La Vera, a county in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. Its intense smoky flavour comes from the drying process over oak wood fires. By adding paprika to your paella, sautéd potatoes, stews or marinades you will give them a vibrant taste and a beautiful colour. It can also be sprinkled over boiled potatoes, octopus, pork, cheese boards, etc. De La Vera paprika is probably the most famous of all the Spanish paprikas. It’s characteristically dried by smoking freshly harvested red peppers over oak firewood in a slow process that can take up to 15 days. The dry peppers are then ground using traditional stone mills to form the paprika. Pimentón de La Vera has D.O.P. status (Protected Denomination of Origin)


  • Smoked Sweet Paprika
  • Smokey florid smell, intense red colour, mild flavour
  • De La Vera, Extremadura
  • 500g Bag

IngredientsPeppers from la Vera
Gluten FreeYES
Storage & CareStore in a cool dry place, tightly sealed and away from direct light.