Tomato frito Orlando 350g (27 packs)

Tomato frito Orlando 350g (27 packs)

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Tomato frito Orlando - Fried Tomato Sauce - made of fresh Mediterranean onions, garlic and tomatoes

Tomato frito Orlando is made of entirely natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.The ingredients are fresh onions, garlic and high quality Mediterranean tomatoes.

The tomatoes used to produce this sauce are grown around the Mediterranean, which provides them with an incredible taste due to the high level of sunshine.

The result is a sweet, intense sauce for use in a wide variety of dishes.

Product Features
  • Spanish Tomato Sauce Orlando is only made of natural ingredients
  • Fresh and high quality vegetables are used in production
  • The perfect base for your pasta
  • 350 grams - easy to open, store and recycle Tetra pak