Compango - Pack, cooking chorizo, pancetta & black pudding, 250g

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Our compango pack contains all the meat ingredients needed to cook a delicious Fadaba Asturiana or Cocido such as black pudding, chorizo and streaky pancetta. These ingredients are widely used in the Asturian, Cantabrian and Galician cuisine, used in all kinds of dishes; with lentils, cabbage, chickpeas, etc...


  • Black pudding made of fresh blood and onions.
  • Smoked chorizo made of selected meats, fresh garlic, paprika and oregano
  • Streaky salted pancetta
  • 250g Vacuum Packed
  • Nitrate FREE

IngredientsChorizo: Lean pork and belly, paprika, salt, garlic, preservatives (E-250, E-252), oleoresin paprika. Natural casing treated with preservative (E-202). Blood Sausage: Pork belly, onion, blood, paprika and salt. Natural casing treated with preservative (E-202). Pork belly: Pork belly, salt, preservatives (E-252, E-250).

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