Cecina Smoked Beef, whole piece, 1kg

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  • Cecina Smoked Beef, Leon, Spain
  • Salted, smoked beef jerky
  • Cured for 22 months
  • 1kg approx. Whole piece. Vacuum Packed

The large pieces of beef are naturally cured in salt and then smoked in oak for two or three weeks, giving it a unique texture and a delicious savoury taste. The secret is the simplicity of the recipe: the ingredients are just beef and salt, with no nitrates or preservatives added.


Cecina is already cured, which means that does not require cooking. Cut it in very thin slices as you would do with an Iberico ham and then drizzle the slices with extra virgin olive oil to bring out its full flavour.


The very thin slices can be served as an appetizer by itself, with bread or fruits.