Solera 77 Sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez Wine, Jerez D.O.P. 7% , 250ml

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  •      Sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez Wine
  •      Perfect acidity for both meats and deserts
  •      Jerez D.O.P.
  •      250mlglass bottle

This premium sherry vinegar is characterized by its complexity given by the Pedro Ximenez wine, a sweet grape variety, aged in a traditional way, obtaining a very aromatic and smooth flavour, which makes it ideal for dressings, especially for meats as duck or veal, as well as for numerous desserts. 

The sherry vinegar plays a major role in the Mediterranean diet, because of its great versatility, becoming the star condiment in kitchens around the world, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde one.