Reserva Serrano Boneless Ham trimmed in halves, 14 months cured, 2.5Kg. Lugo

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Our Reserva Serrano Ham is made exclusively from high quality Duroc breed pigs, fed on a diet based on dry food and cereals, bringing out a meat with a burgundy-red colour and delicate, yet intense aroma and flavour thanks to its slow and natural curing process in natural dryers for a period of at least 14 months.

  • Reserva Serrano Ham - awarded 2 gold starts at the Great Taste awards
  • Intense aroma, not too salty, tender texture
  • Cured for 14 months, Lugo
  • 2.5Kg, boneless ham. Vacuum packed
IngredientsPork Ham (minimum 50% Duroc), salt and preservatives (E-252 and E-250)
Curing Time14 Months
Free RangeYES
Gluten FreeYES
Lactose FreeYES
Storage & CareKeep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight