Our Spanish Food

What Do We Offer?

Iberica offers a wide range of products, authentically Spanish, prepared in a traditional manner with natural ingredients. Our products follow stringent production processes and quality controls.

Our mission is to offer our customers excellent service, backed by tradition, authenticity and quality, and all at a competitive price.

  • Being Spanish, knowing our food culture, we seek the best goods in each region from the experts in their production
  • An award winning, exclusive selection of products
  • Experience gained over generations to offer you the best service
  • We do not work with intermediaries, which enables us to offer you the best prices
  • Our products are natural and healthy, such our Manchego cheese, Iberian ham and olive oil, of which our country is the world's largest producer
  • We guarantee that the animals are free range and their welfare is respected

What we think about the environment

Iberica is aware of the importance of our impact on the environment, therefore we consider our social responsibility a natural part of developing our business, which is why we take special care to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our products use the minimum packaging to reduce waste and the majority of wrappers are biodegradable and/or recyclable.

We make it a priority to not only respond to circumstances which have an immediate effect on the company, but also proactively consider the trends that outline the challenges of the future.

We also organize the logistics in the most effective way to reduce CO2 emissions by gathering orders from different suppliers at one point in Spain, and from there, sending it directly to the UK.

In addition, the Iberica directive promotes activities for the development of sustainable agriculture. Thus, as business partners, we have a piece of land dedicated to organic farming that fulfil our needs throughout the year.

Similarly, we support “Friends of the Earth International Organization” that promotes development cooperation in its fight for efficient use of resources.

The ingredients used to make our products are natural, and the farmers we work with breed free-range animals and are actively responsible for their welfare and well-being.

Why Iberica

Our close affinity with the countryside, and our family connections to agriculture and livestock, and wine, give us the necessary skills to help you to begin your Spanish culinary adventure.

Surveys and market research for Spanish genres offered in foreign countries identified the existence of an open niche for our high quality products.

Iberica offers you a delicate gastronomic variety of products that we are sure you will enjoy.