How to make your own olive oil with flavours



With just a few ingredients, you can make delicious flavored oils that are full of colour, flavour and aromas.
Not only are these infused oils quick and easy to make, they're perfect for salad dressings, drizzling over pasta and seafood, dipping bread into, stir-frying, sautéing, and so much more.


1 - Rinse a few garlic cloves, fresh thyme and rosemary in cool water and get them dry gently with some kitchen paper. If you wish you can add some chillies as well.
2 - Sterilize the bottle(or jar) by placing some boiling water in it for 10 minutes. Remove and place upside down.
3 - Make sure the inside of the bottle/jar is totally dry before you add the olive oil because a little amount of water may lead to bacteria growth and spoilage.
4 - Add the garlic and thyme or rosemary into your extra virgin olive oil. Close the bottle/jar carefully and leave it somewhere cool and dark for 7-10 days.
5 - Use your infused olive oil in small quantities and try to consume it in a month, as the garlic may go bitter.
6 - You can change the quantities depending on your preference or you can try it with some fruits like orange.