How to preserve olive oil


There are 4 key factors which change the flavour, colour and aroma of olive oil. These are time, light, heat and air.

  • Olive oil is not like wine: it does not improve over time. On the contrary, it starts losing its aroma and properties if not used within 1 year after production.
  • If olive oil is exposed to direct sunlight it becomes bitter. We recomend you to buy olive oil that comes in dark bottles and keep it the in the dark.
  • Heat increases the acidity of the olive oil and changes its smell and taste. Therefore it should be kept somewhere cool, around 18°C.
  • When olive oil is in contact with air, it oxidises. Oxidation ruins its taste. Therefore keeping the bottle closed avoids the this and prevents the oil from absorbing other smells.
  • If you keep olive oil in a fridge, it freezes around 5-7 °C and looks cloudy. Freezing does not harm olive oil. It keeps its qualities, and obtains its colour smell back when defrosted, but we do not recomend this option.