Huevos rotos con Jamón Ibérico

Preparation Time: 5 Cooking Time: 15 For 4 persons

“Huevos rotos” literally means “broken eggs” is an easy to make, inexpensive, and quick accompaniment for homemade French fries according to the Spanish traditional way.

Recipe method:

  1. Chip the potatoes. Add salt and fry over medium heat until potatoes are tender and starting to brown. Remove with a spoon and place them on a plate lined with kitchen roll to adsorb the extra oil.
  2. In the same oil fry the eggs over medium heat. Make sure the egg yolk is still runny. Season the eggs.
  3. Take a serving dish and arrange the fried potatoes. Remove the eggs from the pan and place them on top of the potatoes.
  4. Add a few drops of oil to another pan and briefly cook the chopped ham until just warm and lightly coloured. Top the eggs with the ham.
  5. Serve at the table and stir the ingredients together with a knife and fork.

Ingredients & Quantities:
4 eggs
4 potatoes
100 gr Iberian ham
Extra virgin olive oil