Cojonudos and Cojonudas

Preparation Time: 10 Cooking Time: 10 For 2 persons

The cojonudos are a typical tapa from villages between Burgos and La Rioja. Those with Chorizo are called cojonudos and with black pudding, cojonudas.

Recipe method:
  1. Cut the bread into slices approximately a finger thick. Toast the bread until crispy. Cut the Serrano Ham into small cubes.
  2. Fry the piquillo peppers very briefly on Extra Olive Oil, adding a pinch of salt. Cook the chorizo and morcilla in a griddle.
  3. Fry the quail eggs on the pan. Once all the eggs are done, put a small piece of ham on top of each egg.
  4. Dress it as you like, but it is recommended the following steps: at the base of the bread place peppers, over these put the chorizo or black pudding. Top with quail egg.

1 Loaf of bread
1 Piquillo peppers
1 Chorizo
1 Burgos Black pudding
4 Quail Eggs
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil