Cooking chorizo, Colorants & Preservatives free, 280g

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This artisan chorizo sausage is made without using any preservatives or artificial colours. It contains at least 80% lean pork and just 20% fat which are mixed with fresh garlic, oregano and paprika De La Vera. Juicy and tasty, this cooking chorizo can be sliced and fried or chopped and added to soups and stews or be enjoyed barbequed.


  • Cooking Chorizo from cereal-fed Duroc pigs
  • Smoky aroma, mild flavour, juicy texture
  • Air-dried for 4 days, Lugo
  • 300g Vacuum Packed

IngredientsLean pork and belly, paprika, salt and garlic
Curing Time2 days
Gluten FreeYES
Lactose FreeYES
Colorants FreeYES
Preservatives FreeYES
Storage & CareKeep refrigerated below 7°C.

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