Goat's Cheese cured in Paprika & Olive Oil, 3 months old, pasteurised, 250g wedge

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Made from 100% pasteurised goat's milk. Its rind is slightly orange as it is periodically rubbed with a blend of paprika and olive oil during its 3 months curing period. Rich aroma, with a complex and elegant gouty flavour and creamy texture. It goes well as a table cheese or grilling.


  • Goat Cheese - Made from 100% goats’ milk
  • Intense penetrating aroma, well-developed and buttery flavour with creamy and crumbly texture
  • Cured for 3 months, Medina del Campo, Valladolid
  • 250g Vacuum Packed
IngredientsGoat’s MILK (100%), rennet, salt and ferment. Coating in bark: Extra virgin olive oil and natural paprika.
Curing Time3 months
Storage & CareKeep refrigerated below 7°C. Open the pack and keep it room temperature for at least 30 minutes before eating.