Semi Cured Manchego Cheese, 6 months old, D.O.P., unpasteurised, 1Kg Wheel

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Delicious cured Manchego produced using unpasturised raw sheeps milk from from Manchega breed free-range sheeps.  It is aged for a minimum of 6 months until it reaches its ideal stage of readiness. Its flavour is well developed but not too strong, with a buttery and a pleasant aftertaste. The cheese has a yellow-white, firm, compact texture and a light-brown, inedible rind. It is officially a "Manchego" cheese and each wedge has its unique ‘Queso Manchego DOP’ identifier.


  • Semi Cured Manchego Cheese - Made from Manchego sheeps’ milk
  • Intense aroma, slightly peppery and piquant taste with grainy texture
  • Cured for 6 months, Toledo, Castilla La Mancha
  • 1Kg Wheel Vacuum Packed

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IngredientsRaw Manchega sheep’s MILK, cheese cultures, calcium chloride, LISOZYME (from EGG WHITE) coagulant and salt. No edible ring.
Curing Time6 months
Gluten FreeYES
Storage & CareKeep refrigerated below 7°C. Open the pack and keep it room temperature for at least 30 minutes before eating.