Why Spanish foods are so popular

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Today's post is going to talk briefly about how the economic crisis and emigration that affects Spain, has helped to promote the Spanish foods around the globe.

We, Spanish people, love our products and in any house in Spain you will find plenty of cured meats, cheeses, wines, olives and olive oil. So, before the crisis started back in 2007 the domestic consumption of these products was enough to support the sector. However, since the crisis started, domestic consumption decreased considerably and producers needed to find new markets to distribute their products. Businesses thus, started to invest in marketing and focus on exporting their products to other countries, mainly around Europe.

Further to that, the number of Spanish expatriates in Europe has increased due to the high unemployment rates in Spain. Even though this is not good for the Spanish economy and society as many families are having financial difficulties and are being forced to live apart. This has helped to spread Spanish gastronomy among other cultures as we Spaniards like to share our meals with who we live or work. The result is that many people have tried our extraordinary Spanish foods, such as Manchego cheese , Chorizo, Bellota Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wine , and this leads to a demand for these products in the supermarkets and restaurants.

These factors have been a great contribution to how the world and its people view Spanish cuisine and, at present, Spanish cuisine is amongst the favourites of people across the world.

Authentic Spanish dishes are now being served in plenty of restaurants and Spanish food products are sold online and offline. New Spanish restaurants are now opening in every place you go and more pubs, cafes and bars now start to serve Spanish cuisine like tapas and others.

These factors determine a growth in development of Spanish food in the industry. For example, Chorizo is a kind of authentic Spanish food that has piqued interest and many people have developed a taste for it. In international markets, chorizo is indeed the best selling out of all the Spanish products introduced to buyers. There are a good number of variations of the chorizo sausage and you can buy fresh chorizo specially made for cooking or barbequing or a cured one, which is ready to eat. Then, depending on your taste you can choose the sweet, mild, smoky or spicy version. This is one of the reasons why chorizo has not been left behind in the food business as it gives shoppers different options to choose from.

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