Typical Spanish foods

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Spanish culture is rich and vibrant with traditions passed down from one generation to the next. That's why the products that we offer at Iberica Spanish Food taste so good, because we work directly with independent producers that preserve the essence of the elaboration, thus maintaining the products' purest, fullest flavour.

One of the key ingredients in most Spanish dishes is extra virgin olive oil. As a matter of fact, the major producer and exporter of olive oil across the world is Spain.

Spanish Wine is also one of the favourite beverages in Spain and Rioja wine is one of the most popular. However there are other regions such as Ribera Del Duero, or D.O. Ribeira Sacra that can offer you new aromas and flavours.

Another food product popular in markets is ham, specifically Jamon Iberico Pata Negra. This delicacy is the finest ham in the world. This type of pork produces the best cured meat and with it comes the best tasting ham.

Furthermore, Spanish Cheese , can be found as a fresh or cured product, which is obtained from the coagulation and separation of Goat's milk, Sheep's milk, Cow's milk or a mixture of any of them. The flavour and texture will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of milk, the production process, the history or traditions and the aging or curing process.

One of the most famous foods known globally is our Chorizo. The authentic Spanish pork sausage is flavoured with paprika and garlic, which gives it a rich and spicy flavour. Chorizo, a very delectable Spanish food is a bestseller in most markets and stores.

These are only a few ingredients and food products which are Spanish made that are available in the market today. Nowadays, these authentic Spanish foods are now often sold online. Never was this as easy to source and taste the authentic ingredients and food of Spanish origin as it is now.

So, if you are fond of Spanish cuisine and food, one of the best things to do is purchase only authentic ingredients and food. As the saying goes great food comes from quality ingredients. It may be a little expensive but having the best ingredients will definitely make the dish superb.

By Iberica Spanish Food - Brighton