The Carnival of Cadiz

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Internationally known as a "street" party, the Cadiz Carnival lasts eleven days during which the whole city is transformed to ensure a unique experience filled with amusement.


Contest “Teatro Falla”

A month before the official start of the carnival, dress rehearsals and group practice take place to ensure everything runs smoothly at the celebration itself.

Over a hundred groups compete for the “Teatro Falla” contest, a colourful and vibrant show. The groups participating in the competition parade through the city centre, singing their ‘Chirigotas’, which are a genre of Spanish choral folksong which are usually humorous song, critiquing the events that marked the news of the previous year.

The “Grand Final” is held the first Friday of Carnival and lasts the entire night.


The "charangas ilegales”

They usually take place in “Plaza de las Flores”, where families and friends come together doing their own satirical performance, competing with the “official” contestants.

Popular dances, fireworks, fancy dress balls and other activities contribute to making this Carnival one to remember, specially, if you dress-up, as the public takes an active part in the colourful parades.


“Cabalgatas”: Parades

There are two main parades:

  • The "Gran Cabalgata", which is held on the first Sunday, and it passes through the entrance of the city avenue and attracts tens of thousands of people.
  • The "Cabalgata del Humor" takes place the last weekened and runs through the historic center.



While in Cádiz, don’t miss the opportunity to eat the fried fish in the freidurías that are everywhere, especially the boquerones (anchovies) and torta de camarones accompanied with a sherry in any of its forms, such a Fino or Manzanilla.