San Sebastian

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Today let's talk about San Sebastian.

San Sebastian is one of Spain's pearls of touristic supremacy. It is internationally well-known for its gastronomic culture, local markets and the general appeal of the place as a holiday resort. The city is situated on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, in the Basque Region of northern Spain.

San Sebastian, or Donostia for its true Spanish name, boasts a fashionable atmosphere, flanked by a number of promenades and amazing beaches, being the most famous the Playa de la Concha. The La Concha Bay houses a small offshore island, perfect for a few hours of enjoyment. The nearby popular Ondaretta Beach is much better for those searching for relaxation right by the sea, or swimming in clean, although somewhat chilly water.

Once you're off the beach, a walk around the old part of town is a great place to enjoy the bars and waterside restaurants crowding the narrow and noisy streets. Here each bar is bursting with pintxos which is the local, Basque version of Spanish tapas. They are well prepared, imaginative, delicate and obviously, super tasty! For example, anchovies with green pepper and chilli, on a slice of bread and olive oil or a grilled baby squid, served stuffed with mushroom cream on a slice of bread are just a couple of choices... The Spanish tradition is to enjoy a pintxo in one bar and move on to the next.

San Sebastian hosts several parades and festivals throughout the year, though most of them take place during the summer months when the climate is mild in the evening and is pleasantly warm during the day.

If you are thinking of visiting San Sebastian, one of the best times is early September when the city offers seven days of Basque-related activities and the ideal opportunity to fully enjoy the local atmosphere and traditions.

When talking about San Sebastian, this quote is particularly appropriate:

- There's no quicker route to the heart of a destination than through your stomach. The food you eat and the people you share it with are part of what makes the experience so deliciously memorable.-

By Rosa Blázquez - Madrid