Meet Crocus Paella

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We started working with them years ago, and our relationship supplier-customer is getting stronger and thriving every year. They are based in Brighton and they cater all areas in London, Sussex and Kent, making every event a better one with their amazing paellas and tapas. Because they cook everything from scratch, their dishes have the best quality and taste, offering healthy food choices for any diet.

You will always find them with a biiiiig smile on their face, happy and excited to cook and entertain! Some of them love snooker, some love singing, some don’t love the singing very much :), the sea, the sun, and even unicorns!

Here’s a quick interview we had with one of the owners of Crocus Paella, Nick Costaras:

  1.        What is the story behind Crocus Paella?

Crocus Paella was born primarily from our love of paella!  We just love it, we used to cook it every weekend for our family and friends.  Our passion eventually became our business and we couldn't have asked for more!

  1.        What are your plans for this year?

We are focusing on private events this year.  We absolutely love being part of our customer’s celebrations!  Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, we love making people happy with our food! :)

  1.        We’ve been working for a while now, what keeps you buying from us?

Iberica Spanish Food, is almost part of Crocus. We started around the same time and Iberica have been amazing in helping us in all our needs.  Always trying to provide the best quality products and always going the extra mile in terms of service and flexibility.  I'll never forget that time when we ran out of a specific product at a festival and Oscar the owner, restocked us in the middle of the night on a Saturday so we had enough stock for the following day.