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Meet Crocus Paella

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We started working with them years ago, and our relationship supplier-customer is getting stronger and thriving every year. They are based in Brighton and they cater all areas in London, Sussex and Kent, making every event a better one with their amazing paellas and tapas. Because they cook everything from scratch, their dishes have the best quality and...

7 Healthy Spanish Recipes for Simple Suppers

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7 Simple Spanish Suppers... Our 7 Simple Supper recipes should help with this. Try our recipes for the next 7 days suppers and we’d love to hear back from you, to find out which was your favourite.

The Carnival of Cadiz

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If you want to have fun and to wear beautiful costume at the same time, the Carnival of Cadiz, one of the most famous carnivals in Spain, is the right place for you.
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