Acorn-fed Sobrasada Iberica - Spreadable Spanish Chorizo

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Sobrasada Iberica is a spreadable soft chorizo made with selected black Iberian pork flavoured with authentic paprika, salt and black pepper.

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Sobrasada Iberica is made from the meat of the traditional acorn-fed black Iberian pig. It is a cured, spreadable chorizo and its rich flavour is given by the paprika and spices.

Kneaded until becomes a spreadable paste.

Product Features

  • Soft spreadable chorizo.
  • Made from selected cuts of black Iberian pigs.
  • Flavoured with Spanish paprika, salt and black pepper.
  • Spread on toasted bread as a delicious tapa!

How to best enjoy this product

Serve at room temperature, it can be spread on toast or added to fried eggs, risottos or pastas. It can also be enjoyed with a drizzle of honey on toast.

IngredientsIberico lean, iberico fat, salt, paprika, lactose, sugar, spices, antioxidant (E-301), flavour enhancer (E-621), preservatives (E-252), colouring (E-110)